Thursday, October 18, 2012

Black Beauties

Black is my favourite “color”. I believe it is timeless, it combines with (almost) everything and I always wear black clothes (well often I do wear blue jeans, but with a black top on it and everything else that I wear is also black ;-)). When it comes to electronics I always choose for white. I have a white computer, a white cellphone etcetera. But back to the black. I know that too much black isn’t very desirable in a nursery or kids room, a little light for our babies is very welcome. But some beautiful black furniture or toys in combination with soft grey and white can give a very stylish effect! 1 This Swing King is designed by Ineke Hans and is from her collection Black Beauties :-). 2 This Norsu elephant is a money-box. Originally designed back in the 70's by Union Bank these little elephants were given out in order to encourage children to save. They are manufactured in exactly the same way as they were in the 1970's and are still made in the same factory in Finland. 3 I like Bearbricks and especially this black shiny one! 4 This beautiful bus from Playsam's Streamliner car series. This wooden toy is not only nice to play with but also an eye-cather in your cabinet! 5 When Fiene was still a baby I wanted a black onesie for her. After a long search I finally found one and it looked beautiful on her. This one is from N.L.Y. Kids from Nelly. 6 Cot Kili is from the Danish brand Sebra and it looks so sophisticated! The design is modern yet gives you a cosy feeling. Besides black it is also available in several other beautiful colors.


  1. Hoi Haikje,
    Groetjes terug!!
    Leuk he, BYW..

    Goeie posts heb je al geschreven, mijne volgen ook snel (nog niet helemaal tevreden...)


  2. I love black too... The stupid thing is that - because we have cats - I tend not to buy it too much as the hairs on black are terrible... Clothes that is. Love those pretty