Wednesday, October 31, 2012

White & Wood

I told you last week that I think the combination from wood with white works very well and looks very sophisticated. So I thought let’s do a little blogpost about that! I found some beautiful items and think they make a good combination together. 1 Recession chair from the Dutch design Studio Tjep. Receding is the act of withdrawing and diminishing. Studio Tjep was interested in exploring the visual impact of receding in relation to a design object. They took an Ikea mass produced chair and started sanding it to the finest possible version. The result is a process where the chair goes from normal, to diminished, to skeleton like. The resulting object is barely functional as it most likely wont withstand the weight of the person it's trying to support, much like a society plagued by recession. A chair with a story, I think it looks beautiful! 2 Pigeon Light by Ed Carpenter for Thorsten van Elten. This bird I really would like to have in my home! Need I say more :-)? It’s made from 3mm vacuum-formed Acrylic. 3 This Deskbox from Arco is a practical small table/cabinet, hanging on the wall and perfect for situations where there is little room for furniture. This closed box can be pulled into a small and elegant work place which is perfect for working on a laptop. How clever is that? The design is from Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay. 4 Dessouschic 7435 is designed by No√® Duchaufour Lawrance. This console-table is from the special editions collection from Zanotta. I think this table is a piece of jewelry for your interior! It’s made from wood and is glossy lacquered. 5 Brave New World Lamp from Moooi designed by Freshwest. In a brave new world imagination is free to produce a complex lamp with simple materials, translating the warm soul of the oak wood in a mechanic way.
Well that's it for today, thanks for stopping by!

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