Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Long live the King!

Today is the inauguration of our new king Willem Alexander. All the rituals and ceremonies that belongs to the abdication from our (old) queen Beatrix and the inauguration from our new king are impressive to see (yes, I LOVE our monarchy), it’s a true fairytale here in the Netherlands. Therefore I show you some beautiful orange (that’s our national color because the name of our royal family is “van Oranje” (“from orange”) products today!
1 Lamp from Koninklijke Tichelaar. 2 Interior sticker from my hand :-), Studio Haikje. I chose to show you the "M" because the name of our new queen is Maxima. 3 Royal Chair from Magis. 4 Small jewelry roll from Smythson. 5 Little Royal vase from The Nationaal Glasmuseum.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy & proud Mom!

What a week! Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining here, it are all good & fun things that are keeping me busy and off the streets (well except that the dishwasher broke down and I have to do a lot of dish washing by hand). Our lovely daughter Fiene turned 3 on Saturday and we threw here (and her brother, because he is turning 5 next week) a great party! It was a lovely day with our friends & family. We had delicious strawberry pie (which I bought) and I made a pretty good apple cinnamon cake (without milk, because Fiene is allergic for that). I decorated the house with garlands, balloons & fresh flowers in the colors pink, purple, orange & red (for Fiene) and also in the colors green & blue (for Tein). The weather was a itsy bitsy too cold to sit outside, but that was not a deal breaker. It was warm enough for the kids to play outside and that’s what they did, all day long without picking a fight or whatsoever. All 10 of them were very sweet and had a good time! And you know what they say: when the kids are happy, the parents are happy :-). My sister also was present and she is always my rock when we give a party. She helps me with the preparations, the food, cleaning etcetera. Don’t know what to do without her, so THANK you Frouke! Well the party is over now but the festivities not yet. Yesterday Fiene had her celebration at the day care so I had to create about 16 treats. I made rabbit stickers for her little friends, hope they like them! Next week Tein will have his kids party for the children from his class. So we are not done with party preparations yet. But I really like prepping a party so I’m a very happy girl, with two great kids (who grow so fast!).

Friday, April 12, 2013

The perfect centerpiece

New stock arrived for my webshop Designshoppen! Among others these Coral Vases which Norman Trapman designed for Pols Potten. I love these vases because they are perfectly suitable on your dinner table as a centerpiece. Because the vase is so low you can easily overlook it and see your guests. Believe me when I say that there are very few vases which are this low and thus are suitable as a centerpiece. Well enough sales talk :-), it will be obvious that I am very happy to have this vase in my shop now. And to celebrate the introduction of this tulip vase they are 20% off! Well have a great weekend you all, I am going to enjoy myself with organizing our stock :-). 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yes I did it!

Yes, I finished our press kit! I wrote to you earlier about the photoshoot for the new color we have in our sticker collection and that I would reveal the color later on. Well...ratatatatada: the new color is: Peach! In this pastel "era" I believe this color is a very welcome addition in our collection. When Fiene was born I had this moodboard with everything grey, peach, pink & violet for her room. Unfortunately back then there weren't too much products available in Peach, but luckily times have changed and I see more and more Peach products popping up all over the place. And thus also at Studio Haikje. Hope we are going to sell a lot of stickers in this soft & stylish color. Here I show you some pictures from last thursday when I was putting together the press kit. The most kits are already posted and the rest I will be posting next week (because everybody in the furniture business is now in Milan for the Salone Internationale del Mobile (furniture fair)). The press photos which are in the press kit will I share with you soon.

Monday, April 8, 2013

KLM's New World Business Class by Jongeriuslab

Back in my college days I was already a fan of the work of Hella Jongerius. She has her own studio called Jongeriuslab and they create the most beautiful designs. Hella is known for her subtle and wonderful use of color and I think that her creations are very sincere and authentic. Recently KLM (Dutch Airline) teamed up with Hella to introduce a brand-new atmosphere, furnishings and style in their New World Business Class. The Jongeriuslab designed a new full-flat seat. KLM chose the Diamond seat model. Jongerius adapted and enhanced this model within the financial and time constraints for the design. The ‘noisy’ look of the standard Diamond seat was simplified, and a fresh, new colour was selected: light blue. Whenever the seat is fully flat, the KLM Blue becomes visible, and the traveller can sleep in a sky-blue private space. The impression of privacy is reinforced by the use of separate monitors for each passenger, with a personal storage area beneath each one. The carpet that Jongeriuslab designed especially for this new business class is made from old flight attendants uniforms (love that!). Also Hella took a look at the color palette. The KLM Blue is suggestive of a beautiful, icy landscape – a fresh, clean colour, but with a somewhat chilly feel. To conjure up a warm, domestic atmosphere, Jongerius developed a family of rich, dark hues that make the KLM Blue even more vibrant. The fabric of the seat covers is in the elegant style of a classic men’s suit, with a series of five simple yet subtle colours: aubergine, dark brown, night blue, cobalt, and dark grey. The use of five different seat cover designs draws clear distinctions between ‘my space’ and ‘your space’. This not only heightens the sense of privacy, but also visually punctuates the long axis of the airplane.
I think they did a nice job at the Jongeriuslab. Maybe one day I will be so lucky that I can fly  in this New World Business Class… but then I have to do some serious savings I’m afraid. Well for now I am content with the pictures :-).