Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy & proud Mom!

What a week! Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining here, it are all good & fun things that are keeping me busy and off the streets (well except that the dishwasher broke down and I have to do a lot of dish washing by hand). Our lovely daughter Fiene turned 3 on Saturday and we threw here (and her brother, because he is turning 5 next week) a great party! It was a lovely day with our friends & family. We had delicious strawberry pie (which I bought) and I made a pretty good apple cinnamon cake (without milk, because Fiene is allergic for that). I decorated the house with garlands, balloons & fresh flowers in the colors pink, purple, orange & red (for Fiene) and also in the colors green & blue (for Tein). The weather was a itsy bitsy too cold to sit outside, but that was not a deal breaker. It was warm enough for the kids to play outside and that’s what they did, all day long without picking a fight or whatsoever. All 10 of them were very sweet and had a good time! And you know what they say: when the kids are happy, the parents are happy :-). My sister also was present and she is always my rock when we give a party. She helps me with the preparations, the food, cleaning etcetera. Don’t know what to do without her, so THANK you Frouke! Well the party is over now but the festivities not yet. Yesterday Fiene had her celebration at the day care so I had to create about 16 treats. I made rabbit stickers for her little friends, hope they like them! Next week Tein will have his kids party for the children from his class. So we are not done with party preparations yet. But I really like prepping a party so I’m a very happy girl, with two great kids (who grow so fast!).

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