Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yes I did it!

Yes, I finished our press kit! I wrote to you earlier about the photoshoot for the new color we have in our sticker collection and that I would reveal the color later on. Well...ratatatatada: the new color is: Peach! In this pastel "era" I believe this color is a very welcome addition in our collection. When Fiene was born I had this moodboard with everything grey, peach, pink & violet for her room. Unfortunately back then there weren't too much products available in Peach, but luckily times have changed and I see more and more Peach products popping up all over the place. And thus also at Studio Haikje. Hope we are going to sell a lot of stickers in this soft & stylish color. Here I show you some pictures from last thursday when I was putting together the press kit. The most kits are already posted and the rest I will be posting next week (because everybody in the furniture business is now in Milan for the Salone Internationale del Mobile (furniture fair)). The press photos which are in the press kit will I share with you soon.

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