Thursday, April 30, 2015

My sweet girl turned 5!

My sweet girl turned 5! We had her children's party last week and it was soo cute and lovely! She invited 7 from her little friends and they all were soo sweet! Though a kids party can be exhausting this one was easy peasy! We decorated some cupcakes with the kids and they played outside (the weather was perfect!). At the end we made some necklaces (the boys made keychains) and for dinner we had pancakes (Fiene's favorite food). I like to decorate our house with balloons, honeycomb balls, garlands and for the personal touch I hang up photos from the birthday child. I go trough my archive and choose my favourite photos from the last year from them. Here you see 4 of my favorites from Fiene :-)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Birthdays coming up!

In April and May we have two very important birthdays coming up. Fiene turns 5 in April and Tein will be 7 in early May. So you can imagine that we have a busy 4 weeks coming up. Fiene will have her first children’s party (we throw her each year a birthday party for the family and our close friends, but now she also gets a party with her friends from school). For years I am fantasizing about a little girls party with making jewelry, decorating cupcakes etcetera. However now the day almost has come and my little girl wants to invite (besides 5 girls) 2 boys… What am I going to let them make? I believe they don’t get really excited about jewelry… Anyway there is some time left for me to make the actual program for the festivities. I started this week with the invitations. I did a fun little photoshoot with my 2 cupcakes and here you see the result. Today the invitations would be handed out at school. However we had a little drama this morning because Tein was feeling sick and stayed at home and Fiene was so sad about going to school without her brother (“now I can’t give him a kiss during the break”) that she cried all morning and didn’t want to take the invitations to school. On our way to school she was still crying untill she got distracted by a car accident that happened in front of our noses where 3 cars bumped into each other, fortunately no one got hurt. Back at home Tein luckily got better very soon, so I dropped him (and his invitations!) at school later. Now I am going back to work. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tout Petit: Wallpaper for kids

There’s a party in the woods! The sound of giggles is coming from behind the trees. A squirrel waits
expectantly on his branch, deer and little bears frolic around elatedly. Will you come and play? In the world of Tout Petit, the sun is always shining. Tout Petit is a very cute wallpaper collection for kids from Eijffinger. Two of my old classmates worked on this collection so that makes it extra special to show it here to you guys. One of them is Marly Huibregtse and the other one (maybe you recognize her sweet drawn dolls) Margo Slingerland. They both studied with me at The Design Academy and for years we were in the same class at the Man & Identity department. It was a small class with approximately 12 to 15 young women. Yes you read that right: "women" no men. It was the department at the Academy which was focused on styling and branding and somehow very few men did attend this department. Sometimes a brave (male) soul joined us, but it never lasted very long. The group we had was very ambitious and talented. We all worked so hard the 4/5 years during our study. When a evaluation was coming up the tension was rising and by the time the evaluation was there we all were a wreck due to lack of sleep and good food, not to mention the stress we were having. So you can believe that when one of us got a bad review emotions were running high. Luckily we all survived this period of hard work and full dedication and it’s very nice to see that we are all finding our way in the world of design. It’s always nice to see what my old classmates make and I do like to show some of it here once in a while. I like this wallpaper collection and love it that it’s perfectly for kids and that it’s nice for grown up eyes as well (that is something we can’t say of every item designed for a kids room: I dread the day that my son wants a Spiderman duvet cover in his perfectly styled room…). Which wallpaper is your favourite?