Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Blogs I read: Avenue Lifestyle

One of the blogs I read is Avenue Lifestyle from Holly Marder. Holly is a interior design journalist & stylist. Those who visit my blog frequently know that Holly recently did a photoshoot of our home for Decor8 (see it here). Lucky me to work with this styling talent. As a designer/stylist myself it's kind of exciting and a bit scary when somebody is coming to style and photograph your home. Because I have my own style and a very strong opinion on how our home should look. But I already knew Holly and her blog so I tried to stay calm and surrender myself to her and her ideas. The day of the shoot Holly came with her camera and we had a lovely day and I really loved the photos Holly made! She has such a natural and elegant style. You can also see that at her blog, so do have a look over there and get inspired. There is also a very beautiful and extensive report about her wedding, which I love (don't forget to look at the movie from her big day). You can hire Holly also as an interior stylist, so if you have some rooms to decorate than this lady can help you out! Here you see some photos from her bedroom and a tiny sneek peak from her wedding.
Images by Hanke Arkenbout (Holly), Holly Marder (bedroom photos), Anouschka Rokebrand  (wedding photos).

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My city trip to London

Already some while ago I went to London! I had a lovely and inspiring weekend and really fel all over in love again with this city! What a beautiful buildings you have over there and what an inspiring city it is! I stayed at the Pullman London St Pancras hotel which had the perfect location (5 minutes walk from Kings Cross station, what do you want more?). The hotel was clean (very important!), had a tasteful decorated lobby and the breakfast was good (see my earlier blogpost about the hotel that I wrote before I went). Besides a lot of shopping, a museum visit and a lot of walking I went into the London Eye. I waited untill it was dark and had a beautiful 30 minutes ride in this ultra modern Ferris wheel with a magical view of London. Hope to visit this city again in the nearby future!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Last year I introduced a collection of Ministickers in the webshop and they were an instant hit! While making them this week in the studio I suddenly realized that I forgot to show them on the blog. So here they are! What do you think of them? I believe they are so much fun. You can create your own wallpaper or use them as decoration for a gift or on your furniture. There are more models than these 3, so be my guest and hop over to the webshop ;-)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Soft peach nursery

Hello everybody, I’m back again with the moodboard for a girls nursery. Last week I showed you the boy version I made for my expected niece or nephew and today it’s time to get in some pastel pink mood with you. 1 Don’t you think this Bambi is so very cute? It’s a wall lamp from Ferm Living via Kids with flair. I believe it’s an eyecatcher for every nursery! 2 The little balls are lights. Hanging in the corner or at the ceiling these would make a lovely decoration. I wanna have them myselve but I promised myself to save a little money and spent less… 3 Harlequin wallpaper from Ferm Living via Femkeido. 4 Cushions from Present Time. 5 Honeycombs balls from Engelpunt. 6 Cushion from Ferm Living. 7 Little coat rack from Pakhuis Oost. 8 This sophisticated crib would be a real jewel in a nursery. It’s from Oeuf NYC. 9 The rabbit is a cute little lamp. 10 Doll house from Ferm Living. 11 My little girl has this same name sticker in her room, in this same beautiful peach color. It’s from my own Studio Haikje collection and actually this one is one of the best sold models :-). Well that’s it for today! XOXO

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sturdy denim for a nursery

Hi guys. How are you? Here the normal life started again after the 6 weeks holiday the kids had. We had a lovely summer. The first weeks of our vacation we had great, sunny weather and the last few weeks a lot of rain. But I am one of the few people who loves rain, so it didn’t bother me at all and we did some nice indoor activities with the kids. Now are the kids back to school and that gives me some more time to work again and to be more present over here on the blog. Today I show you a moodboard for a nursery I made. A pretty personal one actually. I didn’t tell you yet, but soon I am going to be an aunt. Yeah! How nice is that? For years I am waiting for nieces and nephews for our kids and now the time has arrived. The due date is somewhere in the next month and I am so excited! I made two moodboards for the nursery (because I am not allowed to know if it’s a boy or girl ;-( ). The girly one is with all soft pink tones, grey & white and the other one is with denim tones and grey a more sturdy one for a boy. Here you see the boy’s version.
1 Harlequin wallpaper from Ferm Living via Femkeido. 2 Cushion from Hay via Emma B. 3 Wall lamp from Leitmotiv. 4 Whale from Ferm Living. 5 Stylish grey crib from Sebra. 6 Ceiling lamp from Studio Snowpuppe via Femkeido. 7 Kuruma wooden toy car in blue from the Japanese brand Kiko +. For kids over 4 years, but makes a great addition to the room as decoration.  8 Cushion from the Hema. 9 Felt storage basket from Hema. 10 Danish wooden elephant from Kaj Bojesen via Wannekes. 11 On every nursery door there has to be an original Studio Haikje name sticker don’t you think ;-)? 12 This Eames Plastic Chair from Vitra is a renewed versions of the legendary Fiberglass Chairs. The original, which was the very first industrially produced plastic chair, was jointly developed with Zenith Plastics for the‚ Low-Cost Furniture Design‘ competition organised by the Museum of Modern Art. In the current version made of polypropylene, these chairs are even more comfortable. I LOVE these chairs and many with me I believe. Well that’s it for today. Later on this week I will show you the girls' version, so hope to see you then. Have a lovely week you all! Let’s kick some ass with all our new regained energy form the holiday.