Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Blogs I read: Avenue Lifestyle

One of the blogs I read is Avenue Lifestyle from Holly Marder. Holly is a interior design journalist & stylist. Those who visit my blog frequently know that Holly recently did a photoshoot of our home for Decor8 (see it here). Lucky me to work with this styling talent. As a designer/stylist myself it's kind of exciting and a bit scary when somebody is coming to style and photograph your home. Because I have my own style and a very strong opinion on how our home should look. But I already knew Holly and her blog so I tried to stay calm and surrender myself to her and her ideas. The day of the shoot Holly came with her camera and we had a lovely day and I really loved the photos Holly made! She has such a natural and elegant style. You can also see that at her blog, so do have a look over there and get inspired. There is also a very beautiful and extensive report about her wedding, which I love (don't forget to look at the movie from her big day). You can hire Holly also as an interior stylist, so if you have some rooms to decorate than this lady can help you out! Here you see some photos from her bedroom and a tiny sneek peak from her wedding.
Images by Hanke Arkenbout (Holly), Holly Marder (bedroom photos), Anouschka Rokebrand  (wedding photos).

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