Monday, August 11, 2014

Our home at Decor8!

Our home is featured on Decor8! How cool is that?: our home featured at one of the biggest interior blogs in the world? I am very excited about it! Some time ago the lovely Holly Marder from Avenue Lifestyle came to shoot our home for her Homes With Heart column at Decor8. We had a very fun and productive day. She is such a kind and sweet person! My kids also were photographed and they did a very good job. They did exactly what Holly asked them. I was watching this scene and felt really proud (I am anyway VERY proud of my pumpkins, but it was so cute to see them like this). Here I show you 2 photos from the blogpost, the rest from the photos (including the ones with my kids) you can see at the Decor8 blog of course. I am very happy with the photos and the nice article. So thank you Holly Marder and Holly Becker!
Photos: Holly Marder