Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bloggers Event: Meet The Blogger

My business cards are ready and packed. So Meet The Blogger here I come!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wedding Event: Engaged

It’s busy here at the studio. One of the reasons is that I am preparing 500 glassine bags (you know these cute little, semi-transparent, stamp bags?) with a card and a sticker sheet (with 15 little hearts :-)) for the goodiebags from Engaged. This is a new Dutch wedding event and I think it’s going to be great. Janina from Nina Weddings and Judith from Velvetine are the women behind Engaged and both seem to have a very good taste in the wonderful world of weddings. They are very strict and picky in choosing/admitting vendors for their event. Only the best of the best & the cutest of the cutest are welcome to be a vendor. I am proud that our stickers are a (little) part of this new event which I believe  will be a great succes and is going to be bigger and bigger in the years to come. I am going back to work now or else these 500 glassine bags never get ready… One last note: Engaged, will be held in Delft (The Netherlands) on: October 5, 2013, € 25 admission fee, (€ 32,50 at the door). GO and see! And if you are lucky you will get one of those amazing goodiebags ;-).

Monday, September 23, 2013

Blogs I read: April and May

I kick off this week with another blog that I read. This time it's the blog April and May. Jantine Vaartjes & Vivian Hoebe are the masterminds behind this lovely blog. "A home, a story, a feeling and a smile" is how they subscribe their blog and I fully agree with that. The style at April and May is well chosen and the blog has a cosy feeling and still is very stylish. For the mothers amongst us there is also an April and May Mini blog with all kind of beautiful stuff for kids. And if Jantine & Vivian aren't busy enough there also is a webshop where you can buy lovely items for you home. Next to their own designs and selected new products you can also buy secondhand products. I end this post with a final personal note: considering that my children are born in April and May (seriously), you can imagine that this blog name is very appealing to me ;-).

Photos by April and May

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ferm Living

Everybody in the interior decorating world has returned from the Maison & Objet fair in Paris. This fair is packed with the most beautiful home decoration stuff. Well the party is over and we are left with the new collections that were presented… and what collections were presented! They make me very greedy. For instance the collection from the Scandinavian Ferm Living. I love their color palette and their symphatetic designs. Watch and enjoy! Hope you will like it too.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

White & Wood nursery

It’s Friday already, time flies. Today I want to talk to you about nurseries & kids rooms. They tend to be sooo colorful and cheery. Well nothing is wrong with that, yet for me it doesn’t always has to be that bright and with 10 different colors in one room. It is also difficult to buy beautiful toys. I know it’s not for me but for my kids to play with… but it also has to lay in my living room, so some candy for the eyes wouldn’t be that wrong. Luckily you see more and more elegance in the current children’s rooms, so progress is being made. Here I show you some examples of what items I think would make a lovely nursery/children’s room. 1 Cute coathanger from Pakhuis Oost. 2 Simple but elegant dollhouse from Ferm Living. 3 This chair is from Piet Hein Eek’s beautiful collection children’s furniture. 4 Sleeping bag from Stokke. This is not really for the nursery itself, but also nice to have a good looking stroller standing in you hallway. 5 This Roedeer is an elegant addition to a kids room (via Designshoppen). 6 Wooden bed from the Dutch brand Warber. Not cheap but well made and a good design.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Haikje's Home: My house - Living room

Our weekend was lovely. We had dinner at home with family, went a night out and did some shores around the house. Today I want to give you a little peek into our home. Every now and then I am going to show you bits and pieces of where we live and I am going to kick off with the front room. Our house is a 30s house with a lot of it's original ornaments. He have a room ensuite (which I LOVE) and beautiful ceilings (I will show those in an other blogpost). A lot of people think that our herringbone flooring is also original, but actually we added it ourselves (well the flooring store did). I believe such a floor belongs to these kind of houses. The people form the flooring store were happy that they could come and make it, because they do not sell it much anymore. Today are wide, straight planks the kind of floors they sell best. The candle holder you see below is from the Danish designer Rikke Jakobsen. I also sell her beautiful designs in my webshop The "painting" is a remake I made from the Girl with a Pearl Earring from the Dutch Painter Johannes Vermeer. In the bottom picture you see my window sticker Lace. It's one of my personal favourites and also one of our bestsellers. In fact it is one of the first designs I made for the window sticker collection (already 10 years ago!). Well have a good week you all and it's nice to see that you are keep coming back to read my blog: Thank you!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stylist: Linda Åhman

Linda Åhman is a Swedish stylist and in my opinion a damn good one! Look at these photos, dont you think this is real eye-candy? Her subtle color use, her impeccable choice of products and good sense of proportions make that her work looks very sophisticated and attractive.  What a talanet this lady has! As a stylist she works on editorial jobs, but also on advertising, private interiors and set designing. So if you are in Sweden and need a good stylist, give Linda a call!

Photos: 1 Therese Winberg 2 Jonas Gustavsson 3 Christopher Hunt 4 Jonas Gustavsson 5 Jonas Gustavsson 6 Jonas Gustavsson

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


We went to Zeeland last weekend. With a group of friends we have spent 2 lovely days near the sea. The weather was good (not actually bikini weather, but sunny enough) and what does a person need more? We took a dive in the ocean (okay I didn’t but the kids and the men of the group did), made a long beach walk, visited a small and picturesque village, did some barbequing and just enjoyed life together. The group consists of friends with children and friends with no children and this doesn’t always work in every group. But fortunately in this group it works great! The childless friends present themselves as real children's entertainers and even one of them is called “Uncle” by the kids! Hope to have a lot more of these good weekends! Now we are back home and work is waiting… Have a good week!