Friday, September 13, 2013

White & Wood nursery

It’s Friday already, time flies. Today I want to talk to you about nurseries & kids rooms. They tend to be sooo colorful and cheery. Well nothing is wrong with that, yet for me it doesn’t always has to be that bright and with 10 different colors in one room. It is also difficult to buy beautiful toys. I know it’s not for me but for my kids to play with… but it also has to lay in my living room, so some candy for the eyes wouldn’t be that wrong. Luckily you see more and more elegance in the current children’s rooms, so progress is being made. Here I show you some examples of what items I think would make a lovely nursery/children’s room. 1 Cute coathanger from Pakhuis Oost. 2 Simple but elegant dollhouse from Ferm Living. 3 This chair is from Piet Hein Eek’s beautiful collection children’s furniture. 4 Sleeping bag from Stokke. This is not really for the nursery itself, but also nice to have a good looking stroller standing in you hallway. 5 This Roedeer is an elegant addition to a kids room (via Designshoppen). 6 Wooden bed from the Dutch brand Warber. Not cheap but well made and a good design.

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