Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mood board for Haikje's blog

As I wrote to you earlier I am taking the Blogging Your Way Boot Camp class from the awesome Holly Becker. Holly is the editor and founder from the world-renowned design & decorating blog Decor8. Two weeks ago I was reading her blog and it made me a very happy girl! So happy that I literally danced around the room… twice! Why? Because she tipped my blog to her readers! See it here for yourself. I feel very honoured, that she recommended Haikje's blog to her readers (thanks again Holly!) and feel proud that this blog guru reads my blog! Well back to class. This week we had to make a mood board about our blog. So as a good student :-) I did and I thought it’s nice to show it here. Hope you like it. Together with the mood board we had to write a little piece about our blog, so this is what I wrote:
Haikje’s blog is my online home where I write about everything that inspires me. I want to share all my beautiful finds and give my readers a little peak in my world as a stylist & mother. I have a great passion for design & decorating, I am crazy about Rik and our two lovely kids and I am the happiest when I create something beautiful. Welcome to my world!


  1. Ontzettend mooi! Echt zoals je blog is!
    lemon8blog (kan helaas niet zonder m'n oude blogger account commentaar geven)

  2. Lovely mood board - I can see why Holly picked your site - it is aesthetically pleasing full of great finds. (btw I can't comment using my site as there is no option for separate name and url, so using my googlemail but linked to the old blog) Will follow! x BYW

  3. Hi Haikje,
    Love your blog. Your mood board is really fun and graphic. The black and white with the hint of pink has such a lovely visual impact. Love your stickers too! I'll be checking back in.
    Ellen (BYW classmate)

  4. Hello Haikje,
    coming over from BYW I must say the same as the ladies - love your blog and hope to read more...
    Have fun,


  5. You deserve the mention from Holly Haikje, your blog is divine and very inspiring. Congradulations! regards Heather BYW

  6. Can't wait to see more! Glad I found ya! ~Jacque from BYW

  7. I am a great fan of b/w and love your mood board (as well as your blog!). Have a lovely day, Janna (BYW) :-*

  8. I love your mood board, it's stylish simplicity is reflective of the mood of your blog, which is wonderful.

  9. I love your style my dear ;)
    (popping from Artoleria that comes from BYW boot camp!)
    I love black details, a little bit of pastels anche a little bit of natural wood! Great work!!

    Love from Italy!

  10. I love your mood board, it is so simple, fun, and stylish.

  11. Your world and your blog are beautiful! Your mood board is very stylish, love the layout. Found through BYW but look forward to coming back again. :)


  12. Hello from BYW boot camp. WOW, I'm so happy to discover your very cool blog. I'm in love with your mood board -- how clever!
    Silky Hart

  13. Your blog and moodboard are both great!
    Nice discovery!
    Hege (from byw)

  14. Your moodboard is so cool!!!
    congrats!! :)

  15. I love how you design your blog with black and white. So chic, so pretty! Nice to meet you through BYW Bootcamp!