Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dutch Design Week

Last week I went to the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. One of the biggest exhibitions there is the Graduation show from the Design Academy. As you may know I studied at the Design Academy and once upon a time I graduated there with my interior- and windowstickers! When I was walking in my old school last week it felt like I had never left there. It was still all familiar to me, an odd awareness because it’s already 8 years ago that I was a passionate (some times too passionate) student over there. However, back to 2012. What struck me was that there were little “just” aesthetic products to see. What I saw most where ideologies concerning how to improve: flora and fauna, handcraft and the earth in very different ways. Very idealistic and “green”. There was a machine to save old craftsmanship (well that sounds a little strange :-), but see the project from Daan Brandenburg), a machine that indicates how to grow your own crops, medicines for the bees, a food pharmacy, an outdoor pharmacy etcetera. Good to know that the graduates in Eindhoven ARE trying to save the world :-). Have a good weekend!

1 Vending Cart for Den Bosch by Dorus Faber 2 Made in Brabant by Daan Brandenburg 3 Brabant Livestock by Ruben van Megen

1 Food Pharmacy by Maaike Schuitema 2 Seed Savour by Sebastiaan Sennema 3 The Outdoor Pharmacy by Marloes van Bennekom 4 Victoria (Save the bees using Rhubarb) by Laura van Os

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