Monday, November 12, 2012

Karin Nussbaumer

These beautiful photos are from photographer Karin Nussbaumer. A few months ago I saw some of her work on Bloesem blog and I immediately fell in love! What a spectacular colors Karin used in these photos! This Elephant series is a free art series and I think that some of these photos almost become still life paintings. Karin was born in 1974 in Austria and studied in the Netherlands at the Art-Academy in Enschede (NL). She now is based in Amsterdam (NL) and Dornbirn (A). With her photos she creates stories. Sometimes fantastic, sometimes real. Often based upon and focused on small things.

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  1. Hello Haijke

    I came across your blog while doing week 3 homework for BYW and I'm glad I found it.

    Malin (BYW)