Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Studio Ditte

Studio Ditte is a Dutch design Studio which consists of Marieke Dirks, Natasja Heesbeen and
Endry van Zwam. They have the most cute and likeable products in their collection, among others an extraordinary wallpaper collection. From sturdy scrap wood wallpaper to wallpaper with lovely birdhouses. The latest addition to their wallpaper collection is this very sweet Teaspoons wallpaper. Studio Ditte wants to add something to the user’s perception of the environment by giving everyday life an extra touch. A hidden story, an element from another culture or a twist that makes you think about things. They do not believe in heavy philosophy or in design movements. However, they do believe in people and their emotions, desires and dreams:-).

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  1. love their wallpaper collection. Thanks for sharing :) BTW did you see your moodboard on Holly's site? x