Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blogs I read: Roost

Photo by Tec Petaja
It’s time again to share another blog with you. Today I present to you: Roost. Roost is the beautiful & authentic blog from Caitlin. At her blog you will find a sampling of recipes, descriptive musings and personal chronicles. She lives in Alabama where she dreams of starting a bio-dynamic, organic farm. Three years ago Caitlin and her husband embarked on a radical journey to eliminate all sugar and processed foods from their diet to further heal her husband’s Crohn’s disease. Now he is medicine free and thriving. At Roost she wishes to encourage others to eat clean, seasonal foods that not only taste good but are healing to the body. I like this ideology and what I even love more is the way Caitlin styles her food! You get hungry immediately and everything looks so gorgeous! If you have some spare time then hop on over to her blog and see all the deliciousness that she makes.

Photos from Roost

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  1. Wow this blog is gorgeous, the food looks delicious! Thank you for sharing!