Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I HAVE to go to Ikea!

Oooh I love the new papershop from Ikea! I have a thing for beautiful gift packagings & stationary and this collection really has some "want to have" items. One of my favorite wrapping paper is tissue paper, I have it in 20 different colors. But what I don't have is patterned tissue paper, so I really need to go to Ikea to get me some (or loads...) of it! But before you also run off to Ikea, be aware: they don't sell it in every Ikea store yet...


  1. Now I have to go too! Love to polka dot washi tape!

  2. Tina: Let me know what you bought :-) I just checked my nearest Ikea and they don't have it yet :-(