Thursday, March 28, 2013


Because I believe that’s important to continue learning and keep developing yourself I’m taking the blog course Blog Boss from Holly Becker. It’s the second course I follow from her and I must say: that lady keeps on inspiring me. Each week we get homework and I (as befits a good student) try to finish that neatly in time :-). Last week the assignment was to show what your dream blog would like. So that gave me some stuff to think about. I like the look that my blog has, so I didn’t want to change very much there. But what I do need and may be handy for myself is a small survey of different categories for the content of my blog. So I created 5 categories & visualized a way to style them (big photos with little icons, small pictures in a collage, 6 photos neatly arranged, a lot of photos in a more playful layout, pictures with color swatches beneath them). The 5 categories are: Haikje's Home: About my personal life - Moodboards/collages: Inspiring products placed together in a moodboard/collage - Pinterest: 3 to 8 photo's from Pinterest which make together a beautiful blogpost - Designers/brands: About inspiring people or brands - Color palettes: Refreshing color palettes.
Above you can see how I visualized them, hope you'll like it!

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