Saturday, December 1, 2012


As I told you earlier we went on vacation a few weeks ago. Lanzarote was our destination and we had a great time! Lanzarote is a volcanic island, real impressive to see all the lava stones and craters. On the other hand I believe that once you have seen it you don't have to see it again. So we had a great relaxed holiday without the need to go out and do some sightseeing. We did the sightseeing one day and that covered it all. I didn't mind at all to lie at the swimming pool, do a little reading and drinking some cocktails :-)! Everytime when I wanted to shoot a photo from Tein he took this pose, and fun that he had :-)!
We went with Rik his father (Boy), his brother (Tom) & girlfriend (Laura). Unfortunately Rik's mom died a few years ago and since  we try to do something together every year. Just being together as a family and to commemorate Sylvie (Rik's mom). We are a good travel companion and hopefully we can maintain this tradition a long time. I am a real family person and really cherish family time. As my parents are divorced (and not really on speaking terms) I regret that a big family trip with my parents isn't likely to gonna take place. And what I really think would be great is a very big family trip with both our families. Well I keep on dreaming and who knows... one day? Remains for me to thank Boy as he was the sponsor and guide for this wonderful vacation :-). 

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