Friday, December 28, 2012

What Christmas looks like in our home

Here are finally my Christmas photos! I am sorry it took me so long. The last few weeks were very busy with work, Christmas shopping, fun activities at Tein's school, baking (I have baked no less than 6 cakes!), decorating etcetera! All things that I enjoy doing, so you don't hear me complaining, however there was a little time left to write on my blog. Christmas was fantastic over here. Hope you all have had just such a nice Christmas as I did. My father gave my sister and me the best gift ever! He converted our old home made movies on to DVD's so we can watch them again. So nice to see a little me and my sister, mom & dad 25 years younger! Besides watching the DVD's we had some great Christmas dinners. One was with Rik his entire family. His niece is an awesome cook and made an impressive dinner for more than 20 people (there were 3 turkeys!). So we had delicious food, nice presents & great company, I am a very happy & thankful girl (or woman...).
As you can see my color scheme was Purple & Red for this year decorations. A combination that I don't usually use and that I dind't planned for. At first I only used the purple with some shades of grey. Because I really think the red deers are little glittery treasuses I hung one in the tree to see if I liked it together with the purple. Well the outcome is obvious... I borrowed some red Christmas balls with it from my mother and the Red-Purple combination was a fact. Hope you like it and remains for me to wish you all the very best for the upcoming year! 

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