Monday, August 13, 2012

Fifties nursery

When I saw this cot on the worldwide web, I was immediately inspired to write a blog post about it. I love the fifties feel of it. So I decided to create a little moodboard for a modern nursery with a 50’s touch. Here it is, I hope you’ll like it! 1 Onesie from Dwell Studio. 2 Nootje (means “Nut” in Dutch) from Studio Ditte. 3 Letter sticker from my own collection interior stickers. Perfect to personalize a kids room! 4 Cut paper art from Ruralpearl. I love this artwork, it’s a real eye catcher! 5 Cot Niftyclear from Ubabub. Now your baby can see the world around them and you can keep an eye on them from afar. Nifty Clear combines the clean lines of the mid-century aesthetic with ubabub’s innovative clear acrylic sides. 6 Grey & white checkered play mat from Cottonbaby. 7 Soft little play cushion from the always inspirational Dutch Tas-Ka. The cushion is made of 100% cotton and you can wash it at 40°C in the washing machine. The cushion is nice to cuddle or you can use it as a small pillow. I also love it just as decoration!

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