Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nostalgic Silhouette

A long time wish for me was to have my own collection birth announcement cards. Well since a few months I have! At the beginning of this year Anne Marije van der Kleij from Jut en Jul design asked me to design a collection cards for her company. I knew Anne Marije a little bit as the nice and helpful lady who printed my personal birth announcements for Tein and Fiene. I designed the cards myself and luckily I found Anne Marije to print them. The cards were so beautiful and nicely printed that people even asked me if they were screen printed (actually they were printed digital, but looked really good)! Anyway you can believe that I was very enthousiastic when Anne Marije asked me to design a collection cards for her company. At this point I have several collections at the website of Jut en Jul design, here you can see some photo's from the latest one called 'Nostalgic Silhouette'. Hope you like them! I am very happy to see my long time wish fulfilled and the best part is that there are more collections in the pipeline!

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