Thursday, June 19, 2014

What have I been doing? Part 1

Well, that was a while ago that I said hi to you guys. I am sorry, but I have been swamped lately. It started in april with the birthday of our lovely little girl, then our sweet son had his birthday and besides all the party planning it was (and still is) very busy at the Studio (which all is very good and fun, but it left me with no time to share a decent blogpost over here). When I started this blog I decided that I choose kwality over kwantity so I didn’t want to post something that doesn’t make me happy to see. You know I get always very happy when I post some beautiful photos or an inspiring collage. I hope you get the same good feeling as I do when you read my blog and maybe get a little inspired too. So let’s go back to april, I will show you what I was busy with. In april Fiene turned 4 and in The Netherlands when you turn 4 you go to school. Can you believe that, my little girl is already going to school? But before she went to school she had to say goodbye at her daycare. So that means (for this dedicated crea mom) making gifts for the children, buying gifts for the nursery staff (which are really sweet women) and baking some little bundt cakes to make this party complete. For the kids I made personalized namestickers and Fiene chose the models of the stickers. She wanted flowers and hearts for the girls and a full moon (a circle) and stars for the boys. So here you see “the full moon” I made for her little friend Ravi. I wrapped the stickers in envelopes and closed them with my newest addition to the Studio Haikje collection: Ministickers. I am so fond of them. No present or envelope is leaving this house without a ministicker! Hope my friends like them as much as I do… Well back to april: Fiene's goodbye party was a big succes and she is going to school for some weeks now. I am so proud of her, she is really doing great at school! So cute to see her at her little chair every morning in her class. She does still talk about her daycare, it’s very understandable that she misses the kids over there and the staff. But luckily she still sees some of her little friends at the schoolyard when they are dropping off their older brothers/sisters with their mum and she also makes some great new friends in her cute little class. Today is the birthday (yes we keep on partying here!) of my other half so I am going to wrap some things up and make some new ministickers… DO you also like the ministickers? And what kind of model do you like best, or which figure do I have to add to the collection? Would be nice to hear your opinion.

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