Monday, June 30, 2014

Black & White inspiration for a kids room

Time for some kids room inspiration! This we’re going for the Black & White theme which you can’t go wrong with. I like using “grown”up colors for children rooms. There we go! 1 Dont’you love this mini Karl? So you CAN cuddle with Karl Lagerfeld. Mr K is made from  100% organic cotton and is a creation from the French designer Caroline Castagna-Suarez aka My name is Simone. Available via Knuffels a la carte2 These moustaches are little stickers from my own shop. With these fun stickers you can give the kids room a personal designed wallpaper or a unique decorated cabinet. The possibilities are endless. 3 This sturdy cushion I found at Society6 and is a design from Terry Fan. 4 “You are just perfekt to me” Well isn’t that the best print for your kid? It’s a original Letterpress print which is handmade each for each, so in detail unique. You can order it at Printlove from Dutch Photographer Marjon Hoogervorst. In the summer of 2012 she got the inspiration after some Letterpress Classes, some music and a discussion with a friend about his episode, to make these prints. She enjoyed making them because of the authenticity and all the handwork (no computers and camera's! :). 5 Which little (and big!) boy wouldn’t appreciate this miniature Porsche 356B cabriolet? With this dream car for all the men in the world I am finishing this blogpost. Hope you liked it.

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  1. He wat leuk om Karl tegen te komen op jouw blog. Bedankt!!