Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sorry neighbors!

A few weeks ago our big roof & attic renovation started. At first we got all new roof tiles and after that was done the attic got isolated and finished with a filler ceiling. After the roof people were done I bought our neighbors flowers to say sorry for the inconvenience. And though our working crowd worked very neatly some inconvenience is inevitable (sound from the carpentry, work vans which are sometimes parked at the sidewalk etcetera you know waht what I mean.). I bought 2 big bunched of gladiolas and made a little rabbit tag which I attatched to the flowers with a big ribbon. The neighbours loved the flowers and so did I, so I made some pictures for you guys. Each bouquet contained 15 gladiolas which where taller than a meter each! It was a heavy but pretty bouquet. About the renovation: yesterday our painter did the last painting and now we are waiting for the electrician to make the lights. And then we are finished! Soooo happy with that. The whole house feels like a mess because everywhere are boxes and all the other stuff you collect (and what a collector I am!: I sea potential in every piece of paper and can't get rid of anything (one very little, minor thing Rik doesn't like about me...he is very neat!)). Normally all that stuff is hidden away at the attic, but for the renovations we had to clear precisely that space out. Well it's going back to the attic and soon! I will post some photos from our new attic when the lights are on over there ;-)

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