Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New product at Studio Haikje!

Yayyy, I am very happy with this new item in my webboutique! It’s my modern interpretation from the old painting: Girl with the Pearl Earring from the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. It's printed on canvas which is stretched on a wooden frame from 4,5 cm thick. I made it a while ago for our living room and actually never thought on selling it. But I got so many positive reactions that I decided to sell it in the shop. Whish you all a good week! Here it’s very busy with all kind of nice things: work (it’s my hobby you know ;-)), Christmas preparations, fun Christmas activities at Tein’s school, furnish the attic again after we have had it isolated and so much more things to do (I also still have to make and send a lot of Christmas cards…) Wish you all a nice week prior to Christmas.

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