Monday, November 4, 2013

Haikje's Home: My house

This is our house! Or better I can say our Home, because that's exactly how it feels. In this column "Haikje's Home" I show you bits and pieces of our house. Today I show you the outside and the entrance. I love our house. I love every authentic detail of it, I love the space it has (very handy for someone like me who can't get rid of anything), I love it's warmth, I love it's Majestic looks and I love that it gives me a Home. I can go on and on like this. But in short: I LOVE our house. I believe that if you want people and even "things" to be good for you, you also have to be good for them and cherish and love them. Our house is very good for us and we try to be good for the house. A few weeks ago we gave the house a new roof. Just in time because since the roof is finished we hadn't had anything else than rain and storm here in The Netherlands. In a few weeks the attic will be renovated and then we are going to take care of our front yard (there is a reason why you don't see it at the picture...). Have a lovely week!