Saturday, November 16, 2013

Enjoy your weekend!

Just some inspiring words to send you into the weekend! Last week my computer broke down and I did receive it back yesterday (my harddisk crashed!!! Luckily for me I have a great computer store (thanks Robert & Peter!) which restored most of my files! Yayyy, that was a big relieve! I am going to make a back up now every week (which I can highly recommend you to do too)). So I spent a whole week without my computer. It meant that I did'nt work a lot and that gave me some spare time which I enjoyed at the beginning but at the end I started to miss my computer & work. Well I am back at my desk now behind my computer and besides all the work that I have to catch up I couldn't resist to write a quick blogpost to you. Wish you all a warm & cosy weekend. I am going to spent the day tomorrow with some very dear friends from high school. We try to meet up with all 9 of us every 6 months. It's a big puzzle to set the date, but we always manage to find a day in our busy schedules and when we meet we have a great time. So I am looking forward to tomorrow! Hope you have some nice plans for the weekend as well.

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