Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Silver it is! Well to be honest not particularly a hot trend at the moment, but I like it. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but the few rings I have are silver. When I was younger I thought that when I was “big” I was going to like gold more over silver (for some reason I thought silver was for the youth and gold for the grown ups :-)). But this change of taste never happened, I still prefer silver. Also love a good silver(look) object in an interior. 1 This silver Miffy money box is actually my favorite baby shower gift to give. I also sell it very well at my webshop Designshoppen, so you can say it’s a popular gift here in The Netherlands. I see it as a little Dutch design item that everybody must have in their nursery. 2 This Flos lamp is designed by Philippe Starck. When I was creating this blogpost it occurred to me that Mr. Starck has a preference for silver too, as he designed several products in this shiny “color”! 3 The bow is a lamp called Surprise Surprise and what do I need to say more about it? It’s a real eye catcher from Artecnica. 4 This Kong chair is also from Philippe Starck and is not really new, but I think is still going strong. Emeco is the brand that sells the chairs, they also have brushed versions. 5 Piet Hein Eek designed this silver plated jug. It has a sturdy look and also this one would be a real eye catcher in the dining room.

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