Friday, January 25, 2013

Cartoon design

With these products you can create your own cartoon at your home :-)! 1 Lamp Beautiful Bulb by Annebet Phillips. This lamp is from a series of lampshades that celebrate the beauty of the light bulb. Funny thing is that the lastname of the designer is “Phillips” which also is the name of a Dutch company which made a lot of light bulbs! 2 Annebet also designed My couch, my canvas. The couch has no loose cushions. The cushions are integrated in the shape of the couch. 3 What an eye catcher this wardrobe would be in a nursery or bedroom! This Wardrobe is from The Trip Cartoon collection from Seletti. The design is from Selab. 4 Established & Sons is one of my favourite brands. They have an original and beautiful collection. Did you know that this British design brand is co-founded by Alasdhair Willis, Stella McCartney's husband? In 2010 he resigned from his position as co-founder and chief executive, but fortunately the brand is still existing nowadays. This Low cabinet is from their Principal collection. 5 Tavolino Coffee table, also from The Trip Cartoon collection from Seletti.

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