Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Webshop update

Just a quick pop in to keep you posted on what I'm doing lately. After a busy year of freelancing my webshop & sticker collection got a little less attention than I would like. So I made some time to refresh my home page a bitt. Last week I added some new photos to my homepage. Next step is to add more products and if you have any requests or idea's for new shapes/stickers I would love to hear them! Numer one on the list is to add some window films. These are my specialty and such a good solution for viewing (yes, I love my work as you can read ;-)!). I can remember shortly after we moved into our home 5 years ago our daughter was born. Right before she was born we had such big (beautiful) empty windows. However how beautiful they might be, they gave us no privacy: none! And I wanted to give breastfeeding as soon our babygirl would arrive. So some privacy was much wanted. For curtains we had too little time because of their delivery time. But no problem, hey I have my own sticker collection! In one afternoon I cutted my Lace window stickers and placed them at our windows in 20 minutes. Problem of viewing solved and (very important!) in a stylish and very easy way! O.k. I will stop this commercial now ;-), and wish you all a lovely week! 

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