Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Back to good memories

Hello dear readers. How are you doing? Here it's back to business again after a week week of school vacation. Rik and I also took a small break from work and we made a family trip to Rotterdam, the place where our son is born and where we have a lot of good memories. We lived in the middle of the city and had a lovely appartment in the "Potlood" (means pencil in Dutch). It's a building from the architect Piet Blom who also designed the "Kubuswoningen"(square houses on a stem which look like a tree). Anyway we loved living Rotterdam and like to go back there. However the last year had been very busy and whe weren't able to visit our beloved city. But last week we did and finally we could see the new "Markthal" (Market Hall)! Very excited about that. When we were still living in Rotterdam we witnessed the start of the building. We had front row seats because our appartment was direct in front of the "Markthal" (can you see the "Potlood" in my photos?). Well a lot of years have passed and finally last year the "Markthal" was finished. It received already over a million visitors and it turned out beautiful. At first I had my reservations when I saw the drawings from the "Markthal". I was afraid that the shape of the arch was a little too square (if you know what I mean). But when you see it in real life it's not that bad at all and when you go inside... it's gorgeous! Especially the print they made on the ceiling makes this building special and worthwhile to visit. We enjoyed our little trip to Rotterdam and besides going to the "Markthal" we cherished our sweet memories from us as a young family in this lovely city. 

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