Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sneak peek: Our home in the magazine 25 Beautiful Homes!

When we came home from some Christmas festivities last december the UK magazine 25 Beautiful Homes was lying on our doormat. Instantly I was excited because I knew our house would be IN it! What a beautiful late Christmas present! The article is very nice and the photos are stunning! Holly Marder from Avenue Lifestyle made the photos and she is really a talented and rising star! Keep your eyes on this girl! I believe some more beautifulness is yet to come from her hands. Back to the article: I am very happy with it and it also makes me a little proud. It's so nice to see your home and loved ones in a magazine. Here's a little sneak peak and if you want to see more I recommend you to buy the 25 Beautiful Homes February issue :-). 
Images by Holly Marder from Avenue Lifestyle

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