Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Photographer Bas Meeuws

Last year at the Dutch Woonbeurs I saw some beautiful photos in the "Woonbeurs houses" from the magazines Eigen Huis & Interieur and More Than Classic. The photos were from the Dutch photographer Bas Meeuws. Since 2010, he has dedicated himself to rejuvenating the traditional and very Dutch genre of flower still life painting through the modern medium of digital photography. With his works, Meeuws intends to add real and timeless beauty to everyday life. Meeuws says: "I hope to instil admiration for nature’s richness with my floral works." Thus, he adds an aspect of contemplation to their sheer beauty. The photographer increased the depth of the experience of beauty in yet another, powerful way. Because his works explicitly draw on seventeenth century still life painting, they entertain strong ties with the history and tradition of art. In all their smooth digital beauty, the photos evoke echoes of the Dutch Golden Age, with its busy mercantilism, its appreciation of tulip bulbs and independence, its exciting art scene. Meeuws confidently plays one time reference against the other. Well I definitely would like to have one of these art pieces in our home, unfortunately they are a little bit above my price range at the moment. But I will keep on dreaming an who knows some day… I will keep you posted :-).

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  1. heel fraai Haikje, die waren me ook opgevallen. De rest van het More than Classic-huis sprak me niet aan maar die foto's wel (en ook de EH&I kant vond ik gaaf), leuk dat ik nu weet van wie de foto's zijn :)