Thursday, October 17, 2013

Woonbeurs house from VT Wonen

Taddadadaaa, here is finally the house from VT Wonen at the Woonbeurs. I promised it already last week to you, sorry that I let you guys waiting... We are having our Autumn Holidays here in The Netherlands so we did it a little slow this week. We took the children out for a day trip, spent some lazy time at home etctera. About the VT Wonen house or rather I have to say "Barn": it was refreshing, original and above all: HUGE! I liked it an I believe a lot of people did. I would like to hear what you think of it! I am going back to my Holiday modus and for all of you who are also having some time off (and everybody else of course): I wish you some good quality time with the people you love! 


  1. Schitterend zeg!!!
    Dit is echt prachtig, welke merken zijn dit? Wellicht iets voor onze collectie.

    1. VT Wonen heeft de stand gebouwd en houdt altijd goed bij welke merken er worden gebruikt. Je zou dus even bij hun kunnen navragen welke merken ze hebben gebruikt.