Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Handmade jewelry

Irene from Bloesem blogs has her own jewelry collection Bloesem Wear and I want to share some of her newest pieces with you. The new collection combines her passion for crafts, pearls, gems and colors. All jewelry is handmade by Irene from original materials and comes flat-packed in a Bloesem Wear design envelop or a handmade Linen pouch. Staying true to her own style and taste, the collection is understated, delicate and has a soft, almost fragile, feel to it.  Irene uses genuine silver, gold and semi-precious stones that create timeless pieces that will last.  


  1. Wow! Those are so pretty!! I love this new collection from Bloesem Wear. It looks so dainty and so cute. My girls would definitely love this.

  2. Oh! These are so cute. These jewelries seem to suggest femininity. And by the way, is that a horse I saw at the end of the string?