Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hotel Modez for the fashion addict

On September 15, 2012, Mode Design Hotel Modez opened it's door in Arnhem's Fashion Quarter, Klarendal (in The Netherlands). Studio Piet Paris came up with a unique hotel concept, designed the hotel logo and is responsible for the art direction. Piet Paris is one of my former teachers at The Design Academy. He was one of the sweetest teachers I have ever had! What a honest and lovely man he is. So you can understand why I want to show you this remarkable hotel. Piet invited 30 fashion designers to decorate the rooms from this hotel. They all came up with surprising concepts that characterize their styles. Most of the designers studied at the Institute of Arts in Arnhem and/or have an atelier in the city. The name Modez is a combination of the words Mode, Design and ArtEZ, formerly the Institute of Arts. The Hotel is located in the Fashion Quarter in the district Klarendal. The city centre of Arnhem is on a 10 minute walking distance. In the Fashion Quarter you will find products with a story. Many shops and ateliers of designers and upcoming talents are spread over more than a kilometer. So for the absolute fashion addicts amongst us I believe this is an unique hotel.

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