Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fiene in Tein's blue room

Just had to share these with you! These photos I made a few months ago for my Photography course. It's my daughter Fiene in her brother's room. As you can see he has a blue wall. Luckily he is all into the color blue right now but for some while it was the question whether he liked blue. He had a strong preference for green for some months. Since Tein was born I have bought everything in blue, grey, white & black. So also his clothes are in that colours (with the exception of a few garments which we had been given or a very few that I bought myself). In his "green" phase he wanted to wear green (as little as he was). That resulted sometimes in funny outfits. For example at his third birthday. I am always very precise in choosing his outfit for his birthdays (I like them to match the decorating & cake colours, call it professional deformation...). But on his third birthday things went a little bit different. My sister often comes early at our birthday parties to help me with the cake, decorations etcetera (yes, all in a very carefully selected color scheme: blue, silver & white!). So she was already here when Tein still was taking his nap. When he woke up my sister went upstairs to take him out of his bed and dress him. Well... she thought lets let the birthday boy pick out his clothes himself! That resulted in a green onesie which was way too small and a green sweatpants which was 10 cm too short!!! But green it was! When my sister and Tein came down I really had to swallow a few times, it wasn't the outfit I expected to say the least. I didn't have the heart to change his outfit, because he had chosen it himself and HE really liked it! So in the end we had a great birthday party (with a lot of explaning to our guests why my son was wearing this "unique" green outfit :-)) and I took a lot of photo's from Tein's face, so you could see as little as possible of his clothes. Now two years later, I can happily say that the green period only lasted a few months and that blue is very popular again!

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